My Prayer to Bitcoin Jesus: An Open Letter to Roger Ver

ATTN: Roger Ver

My Prayer to Bitcoin Jesus: An Open Letter to Roger Ver

ATTN: Roger Ver


My name’s Chris Pedersen. I am a software developer, internet entrepreneur, and BitcoinCash enthusiast from Texas. I have a question for you regarding Craig Wright. This year I’ve seen you and Mr. Wright appear together at several Bitcoin conferences, even sharing the stage for various panels. So this brings me to my question: Why is Bitcoin Jesus associating with the Bitcoin Anti-Christ (Craig Wright)? This guy is obviously a fraud. After falsely claiming to be the man behind the pseudonym ‘Satoshi Nakamoto,’ Wright claimed that he isn’t after money or fame. But now he is all over the internet promoting himself as the face of BitcoinCash seeking fame (and possibly fortune). What’s the deal? Why does this guy keep getting invited to speak at BitcoinCash related events? The various implementations of BitcoinCash are excellent from a technology standpoint, but Craig Wrights involvement in the marketing aspect of BitcoinCash leaves us far behind Bitcoin Core when it comes to marketing. How is anyone going to take BitcoinCash seriously when we’ve got this Fake Satoshi Nakamoto going around pretending to be the Steve Jobs of Bitcoin. Please Bitcoin Jesus, rescue us from this man before he brings down what’s left of the Bitcoin movement.

Concerned BitcoinCash Supporter,

Chris Pedersen
(469) 261–0727


Roger Ver sent me a very nice reply to this letter via email today. And while I do not agree with him, to be fair, here is his response:

Hi Chris,
I saw your blog post:
I don’t think you should be the lies and character attacks against Craig any more than you should believe the ones against me.
If you watch this and listen closely, even the reporter who spent months with Craig is convinced:
It is a lot to read, but this article by the same author goes into even more detail.
At the end of the day, what really matters is that BCH works as cash, and BTC doesn’t.
Thanks for taking the time,
Roger Ver
Chief Executive Officer